About us

There are various types of tea available in the market such as organic tea, herbal tea, Ayurvedic tea, lemon tea, green tea etc. These every kind of tea bears a fixed health benefit, but if you want to get holistic health benefit then you have to use all these together- which is not possible practically. Many in these have bad taste also, despite this seeking for good health, we are bound to use it with unwillingness.

Think! If you have option to choose such a product having every necessary herbal composition for good health, will you not wish to add it in your daily lifestyle? “Herbal- Prasadam”- tea product, prepared by Seva-sneh wellness solution private limited is compatible product for your good health and taste. You can say it all in one because it is a composition of many herbs- favorable to your holistic health.

Herbal- Prasadam
Nature is almighty. Ayurvedic medicines grow in lapel of nature, that is why we say herbs are gift of god or nature. In the Indian culture, any gift received from God (Nature) has likened to Prasad. That is why we named the name of this tea as “Herbal- Prasadam”.

Our objective

Our objective is to provide health favourable pure herbs through “Herbal- Prasadam” and the income it receives from them should be used in social concerns

Health and service- dual benefit

You will get dual contention through “Herbal- Prasadam”. While on the one hand you will get health benefits and on the other hand it will be possible to get employment for all disabled children from the payment made on your behalf.The proceeds used to run various service and education projects in Kanpur's sneh viklang ashram. Apart from the disabled children of the ashram, other disabled children and unemployed youth also get the opportunities for Employment. A fixe proposition of the income generated from this is out go in the social service activities of Manav Mandir Gurukul, and Manav Mandir Matri seva project.

We believe in making the world healthy, hence we bring to you the pure herbal tea. Taste it once and remember it forever.

We guarantee our customers of the pureness and quality of the green tea. We do not compromise quality for quantity.

We assure you the results of the green tea will leave you spellbound .

Made from pure herbs, this will enhance your beauty as well as your health.