Sweetened by Stevia Combo Pack of 4 (100 Pouches)

Good for health, Helps in weight control, Helps in reduce bad cholesterol from body, Helps in maintain blood sugar level, Immunity booster, Confluence of taste, health and social service.
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Stevia : Natural zero caloric sweetener.
Green Tea : High anti-oxidant prevents cancer and heals wound, improves heart and mental health, regulates body temperature and body weight.
Gurmar : (Gymnema sylvestre) stimulates insulin secretion and has blood sugar reducing properties. It fits well into the weight management program.
Amrita : (Tinospora Cordifolia) useful in curing may diseases ranging from
diabetes, arthritis, gout, highblood pressures, urinary infections to asthma. Beneficial in detoxification.
Jamun Seed : (Syzygium Cumin) used in various alternation healing systems,
lowering of blood glucose level. High source of Vitamin A & Vitamin C.
Methi : (Fenugreek) used to treat problems related to digestinve system like
constipation and gastric. Very useful in kidney problems and mouth ulcers.
Sanay Patti : (Senna) most effective in constipation, abdominal diseases,
anorexia, blood impurities and bronchitis.
Triphala : (Harad, Baheda & Amla) Rasayana-Rejuvenator, Promotes Intellect,
Nervine Tonic, kills worms, improves complexion, Strengthens respiratory system, Good for eyes and hair.
Tulsi : (Holy Basil) Purifies blood, reduces effect of cough, cold, sore throat and
fever, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammarory, Good for skin.
Pippali : (Indian Long Pepper) Improves Immunity.
Ajwain : (Carrum Seed) Removes swelling and pain in digestive organs.
Jeera : (Cumin) Improves appetite, purifies blood, kill worms.
Kaali Mirch : (Black Pepper) Good for skin diseases, reduces menstrual problems.
Adarak : (Ginger) Control Vatta and Kapha, Stimulates body systems.
Ajmoda : (Parsley Seed) Awaken hunger, benefits breathing, mild laxative, Toxin
Natural Lemon Extract : Improves digestion, strengthens immunity and cardio-
vascular system, Detoxifies body, Anti-cancerous
Lavan : (Rock Salt) Improves Digestion.


Pour 100 ml. boiling water on a tea bag in a cup.

Infuse for 15-30 Seconds then take out of the cup.


Take it in night for Good sleep, proper digestion and remove constipation.

It's a kind of herbal drink and equally effective in every intake.

Effective in Weight and Blood Sugar Control

Confluence of Health, Taste and social services

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